Going in with a bang


The creative mastermind behind ‘Freakshakes’, the culinary craze that has whipped London into a ravenous frenzy, is about to take things to a whole new level.

Olly Bonhomme is not a man to rest on his laurels - having created a hot fuss, raising the expectations of thousands of sweet-toothed aficionados around the globe with his extraordinarily decadent and insanely oversized milk shakes, he is ready to move on to fresher, greener and quite frankly madder pastures.

Le Freakshaker is set to arrive at one of Dalston’s best kept secrets. The super stylish home of East London’s only purveyors of delicious, authentic Hawaiian food and drink, ‘Pond’ is set to house Bonhomme and his fabulous creations.

This relocation has allowed Olly’s winning recipes to be given a huge shake up; those who have sampled the new creations love the revamp - the consensus being ‘Le Freakshaker don’t do milkshakes, they do experiences’!

If you frequented the birthplace of Le Freakshaker, Molly Bakes Café, fear not - all of the elements you loved about your experiences in the original location remain: Expect to see Olly stretching marshmallow, slicing milk midair, setting fire to grenach and karate chopping honeycomb - using the most colourful, nostalgic and high-end ingredients.

This is not the end, this is a new beginning; this is the evolution of Freakshake - with Bonhomme’s already world-beating inventions entering into a whole new realm of taste-bud titillation. Bold, exotic ingredients have been added to the mix and with the help of Pond’s highly trained chefs – whom Olly will be working closely with – we can ensure that everyone who tucks into a shake will be getting their freak on long after they’ve finished devouring it!